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Copyright Note:  Cat World
Research Note: The intent here is to create a more dynamic table of contents.  Obviously links to articles help that.  Could also link to biographies of the authors if known.  What else could be added to make this an information portal entryway?  Almost need another way to show links -- one for the articles and then another to related topics -- ie a link heirarchy for a TOC.  When you combine a cover with a toc you have changed the format so how does the copyright actually apply?  Want to bring this to life somehow. Most articles are in PDF format until I have time to convert them.  Converted articles are indicated in the ToC).

Cat World
Magazine for the breeder/exhibitor

March/April, 1973
Vol I, Number 1

Editors' Preamble
Siamese Breeding Chart by James Kilborn
Himalayans on the European Continent by Mevr. H. Prosé-Imbert
Cat Fancying ... Business or Hobby? by Thomas E. Freeman
The Purring Creature That Walks On Its Toes -- Part I: The Evolution of the Domestic Cat  by Patricia Turner
Angela Sayer at the 1972 NATIONAL by Angela Sayer
Lavender Blue Shorthairs--Foreign Type by Mme. J. Gethmann
Brynbuboo Little Monarch--Britain's First Grand Champion by Patricia Absalom
U.K. Commentary by Elizabeth Towe
Maternal Behavior I: Parturient & Postparturient Behavior by Benjamin L. Hart, D.V.M., Ph. D.
College of Cat Genetics I by Patricia Turner
Worldwide Winners